DevOps ? what’s is that ?

DevOps is a way of working that combines software development and IT operations. It aims to make the process of creating and delivering software faster, better, and more reliable. DevOps teams work together throughout the entire software lifecycle, from planning and coding to testing and deploying. DevOps teams use various tools and practices to automate and streamline their work, such as continuous integration, continuous delivery, agile, and cloud computing. DevOps is not just a set of tools or techniques, but also a culture that values collaboration, communication, feedback, and learning. DevOps helps teams deliver value to customers more quickly and efficiently .

Which companies need devops ?

There is no definitive answer to which companies need DevOps, as different companies may have different goals, challenges, and requirements for their software development and delivery. However, some general factors that may indicate a need for DevOps are:

  • The company has a large, complex, or distributed software system that requires frequent updates, integrations, or deployments.
  • The company faces high competition, customer demand, or market pressure that requires fast and reliable delivery of software products or services.
  • The company has a siloed, rigid, or inefficient organizational structure that hinders collaboration, communication, feedback, and learning among developers and IT operations staff.
  • The company experiences frequent or severe issues, errors, or failures in its software system that affect its performance, quality, or security.
  • The company wants to improve its innovation, agility, or productivity by adopting new technologies, tools, or practices that can automate and streamline its software development and delivery processes.






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